Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade


“The Granddaddy of Them All!” The Rose Parade is the pinnacle of the parade experience and one of the most coveted invitations on the planet. Your week at the Tournament of Roses will include performances not only in the Rose Parade but also in BandFest. You’ll tour the float-building facilities, visit Disneyland and Universal Studios, tour Los Angeles and Hollywood and more. You’ll also need planned rehearsals and meals. You’ll want to choose a company that has proven they are up to the task.

Perform America-TX, LLC has experience planning the Tournament of Roses/L.A. for up 800+ travelers at one time! Your group, a Family & Friends group…We’ve done it all. From the moment you receive the invitation, we offer an experienced consultant who has had groups perform multiple times in the Rose Parade. Additionally, you will work to design and customize your trip with a tour consultant who is thoroughly experienced in the Tournament of Roses and “everything L.A.” Once on the trip, you’ll have unequaled service from our experienced tour hosts. These hosts are active band directors who also have had groups perform in the parade and/or have previously served as hosts for the event and week.

We fully understand the prestige of this performance opportunity and how necessary it is to “get it right” logistically on this trip. We pride ourselves in our ability to get it done on such a large scale.


“I want to thank our travel partners at Perform America-TX. We couldn’t have done this without their great support. They took so much of the load off the band staff allowing us to focus on the kids and the music. They took care of all the logistics of the trip which are massive. Everything went off like clockwork because of their hard work and the time they spent organizing and communicating with us.”

–Joe Munoz, Pearland HS Band Director

“I have never been a part of a more organized group travel experience. The itinerary was spot on and the quality of the accommodations far surpassed what I have experienced in the past!”

–Tony Ruiz, Tour Host
Former Director of Bands
Churchill High School