Midwest International Band & Orchestra Clinic

The Midwest International Band & Orchestra Clinic is certainly one of the most prestigious performance experiences for bands, orchestras, jazz groups and instrumental ensembles of all kinds. Your submission and acceptance to this world-renowned event will leave you with not a lot of time to prepare! Working with an experienced travel company will definitely be to your advantage.

At Perform America-TX, you will work with ownership and management (former directors) who have had their own groups perform at The Midwest Clinic, conducted other groups, presented clinics and attended the clinic for almost three decades! We are a premier sponsor for The Midwest Clinic and exhibit regularly. To sum it up, we know The Midwest Clinic from every angle…the most important being from your perspective.

As with all such important invitational performances, your focus needs to be on your students and their performance. Let us worry about the details! Our Chicago/Midwest Clinic tour coordinators are top-notch and bring their on-the-ground knowledge of Chicago and The Midwest Clinic. You will benefit greatly from their knowledge and dedication as well as their understanding of how important it is to get this experience right for you and your students. To ensure all runs smoothly, you’ll also have the benefit of one of our incomparable tour hosts. These tour hosts are carefully chosen based on their experience with The Midwest Clinic.

We look forward to working with you!


“I feel that the best tour companies are the ones that can provide expertise and service so that the director can focus more on the musical aspects of a trip. Because Perform America was so great at handling all the travel logistics, including embedding a fantastic representative with us for the duration, I was able to focus on the musical side of the trip and not worry about travel issues. They are a company comprised of successful music educators that recognize what we need in a travel company, and provide as professional a service as I’ve used in my 20+ years of traveling with student groups.”

–Josh Thompson, Westwood HS Orchestra Director

“When the Clements Symphonic Band was invited to perform at the 2019 Midwest Clinic, Perform America gave us a great quote for our trip. They worked it out for me to be able to take our head directors from our middle school feeders and still give us a great trip at a very reasonable price. We had a director as a tour host who had been to Midwest with their own group take care of us the whole time. Our ground transportation, meals, hotel and other attractions were outstanding and ran smoothly. It was truly the best trip I have been on as a band director and Perform America deserves the credit for their communication all semester and efforts to give us a great trip. They gave us an itinerary long before the trip and worked out any changes we needed to suit our students needs to have a great performance!.”

–Daniel Galloway, Clements HS Band Director