Gulf Coast Classic Marching Festival – October  21, 2023

The Gulf Coast Classic will be held as a prelims and finals festival that will have time for critique afterwards with our adjudicators. PLEASE NOTE: Prelims will be adjudicated based on the University Interscholastic League format and Finals will be adjudicated based on a format similar to BOA.  A critique with evaluators will be provided post-contest. 

We hope you can join us and as we are excited to offer this musical and educational opportunity for your students and staff!


October 21, 2023 evaluators:  Alfred Watkins (Retired -Lassiter HS), Albert Lo (Retired – Churchill, ACC), 

Previous Evaluators:
T. Andre Feagin, Mike Howard, Frank Troyka, Bill Watson, Ferd Vollmar, Bryan Christian, Philip Gieger, Brian Hildreth, Ryan Demkovich, Luke Gall, Jude Boughton, Dana Pradervand, David Thornton, Fred Velez, Garth Gundersen, Daniel Montoya Jr., Zach Santos