Pre-UIL Evaluations

These Next Level Performance Pre-UIL Evaluations in association with Next Level Initiatives offer a unique and educational experience not only for students, but directors as well! Everyone that participates is offered a Pre-UIL experience that for most allows you to perform on the very stage that you will be performing on at UIL!!!! You also have the option to have a CLINIC by one of our evaluators or have your students go through the sight-reading process. Written and Audio comments along with a reference recording is also provided.

Concert/Clinic includes:  Performance on UIL STAGE or equivalent!!! Adjudicator Comments, Ratings, Reference recording, and Choice of Clinic by one of our Evaluators (will be on a rotation) or a Sight-reading opportunity.

Registration fees:  $375 per ensemble

REFUND POLICY:  Cancellations made within 90 days of performance will not be refunded

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Mariachi Pre-UIL Evaluators

Mariachi Pre-UIL Evaluators: January 19th, 2024
1. Jose Hernandez
2. Crystal Hernandez

BAND Pre-UIL Evaluators:

Hays CISD PAC, MS Pre-UIL: February 21st and 22nd (2 day event)
1. Ferd Vollmar
2. Bryan Christian
3. TBD

Austin ISD PAC, MS Pre-UIL: February 21st and 22nd (2 day event)
1. Cindy Bulloch
2. Gerry Miller
3. Chico Portillo

Hays CISD PAC, HS Pre-UIL:  February 28th & 29th (2 day event)
1. Mike Howard
2. Paula Crider
3. Ferd Vollmar

Pflugerville HS PAC, MS/HS Pre-UIL: March 8th 
1. Jeremy Spicer
2. Chico Portillo
3. Frank Troyka

Austin ISD PAC, HS Pre-UIL: March 8th
1. Dan Morrison
2. Doug Henderson
3. Tony Marinello

Round Top Festival Institute:  April 26 & 27th (recording with David Smith)
1. Jerry Junkin
2. Jeff Grogan

Round Top Festival Institute:   May 3rd & 4th   (recording with David Smith)
1. Dana Pradervand
2. Kevin Sedatole

CHORAL Pre-UIL Evaluators:

Hays CISD PAC, HS Choir Pre-UIL: February 20th
1. Joey Martin
2. J.D. Burnett
3. Suzanne Pence

Hays CISD PAC, MS Choir Pre-UIL: March 21 & 22nd
1. Courtney Kelly
2. Michael Risser
3. Michael Zook

Austin ISD PAC, MS Choir Pre-UIL:  March 22th
1. Lisa Holt
2. Suzanne Pence
3. Sue Neff

ORCHESTRA Pre-UIL Evaluators:

Austin ISD PAC, HS Full Orchestra, February 14th
1. Michael Alexander
2. Sandra Vandertulip
3. Joshua Thompson

Austin ISD PAC, MS String Orchestra Pre-UIL: February 15th
1. Sandra Vandertulip
2. Laurie Scott
3. TBD

Austin ISD PAC PAC, MS Full / HS String Pre-UIL: March 26th
1. Sandra Vandertulip
2. Joshua Thompson
3. Laurie Scott

Round Top Festival Institute:  April 26 & 27th (recording with David Smith)
1. Jerry Junkin
2. Jeff Grogan

Previous Evaluators:
Jerry Junkin, Jeffrey Grogan, Steven Davis, Kerry Taylor, Richard Floyd, Cheryl Floyd, Bill Watson, Ferd Vollmar, Gerry Miller, Mike Howard, Brad Kent, Jim Keene, Paula Crider, Amanda Drinkwater, Scott Hanna, Michael Alexander, Carolyn Watson, Jeremy Spicer, Don Haynes, Cindy Bulloch, Robert Herrings, Jack Green, Chico Portillo, Darcy Williams Vogt, Bryan Christian, Ryan Kelly, Verena Mosenbichler-Bryant, Josh Gall

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