Santa Fe

This cultural and legendary city will inspire and impress you at every turn.  Its famous Pueblo-style architecture lays the foundation for the backdrop of this beautiful city.  Founded as a Spanish Colony in 1610, the heart of this quaint city is the Plaza.  The Plaza is surrounded by crooked little streets that take you on a journey of hidden treasure after hidden treasure.  Small quaint shops filled with unique artifacts are every shoppers’ dream.  During the winter months and into spring, ski the beautiful snowcapped mountains of Santa Fe.   Just a short drive away from the heart of the city, you are transported to a winter wonderland. Let us help you customize and take your trip to THE NEXT LEVEL!


  • Ski Santa Fe
  • Ghost Tour
  • Santa Fe Plaza
  • Museum of Contemporary Native Arts
  • Harrell House of Natural Oddities
  • Sightseeing Tours
  • And so much more!

Performance Opportunities:

  • Custom performance opportunity & venue available
  • Perform on your own stage before you travel
  • Our Artistic Team and Educational Consultants are available to adjudicate and clinic for any performance need


  • Meal vouchers for Ski Santa Fe Lodge
  • Blue Corn Brewery
  • Cowgirl BBQ